LAST UPDATED 03.03.2022

This is for pre booked custom orders.

These terms & conditions do not cover the online store

or next day deliveries.

  • We are a nut free kitchen, but it is your responsibility, as the customer, to inform us of any other food allergies we need to be careful of.

  • All bookings require a 60% deposit.THIS IS A NON REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT (sorry for shouting)

  • I understand that things can happen and sometimes parties need to be canceled, but the deposit covers the cost of the work that has already been carried out,toppers that have been made or purchased and the booking spot that has been occupied.

  • The owing 40% is to be paid at least 10 days before the due date.

  • All orders must be paid for, in full, before due date.

  • If an order is cancelled 5 days or less, before the due date, you forfeit the full amount

  • If an order has been finished and your party has been canceled, the order still must be paid for and taken by you.

  • Postponing a booking is totally fine and incurs no extra cost. But, you must contact me at least 5 days before the due date. 

  • Enquiring about an order does not a booking make.

  • Bookings are only a sure thing,once the deposit has been paid.

  • Each customer has a 15min window to pick up their order.

  • Please treat this as any other appointment you have in life. A call or text is much appreciated if you will be late.

  • If you are going to be super duper late, another time may have to be allocated to you. This is due to deliveries for other customers, that are already booked in. When you are late, it means deliveries after you are late, and this reflects badly on the business.

  • Once an edible creation has left our hands or placed safely in your vehicle,it then becomes your responsibility.     I can not be held accountable for reckless driving or for orders that have been put in the fridge, or sat in the sun. Some of the orders can be delicate, so careful driving is advised

  • Orders are always best transported on the lap of a careful passenger. If you are driving solo, the best place for your order, is on the floor in the front passenger side. It is nice and level here. But, if you have a nice big boot, this is also a good place for your order. 

Fondant cakes & cupcakes are like Mogwais.
You must not get them wet
You must not put them in direct sunlight
Do not feed after midnight,